Because you saw me when I was invisible

4:00 pm

Because you saw me when i was invisible. You gave me back some confidence. 
Made me feel like i was capable. No one could see me for who i really was .But then again.. No one really does.
To the world i was invisible. Nobody was my name. But you saw me for who i was, though things just stayed the same.Somewhere through this friendship. I don't know how it grew. But through our talks and laughs, i somehow fell in love with you.

Because you saw me when i was invisible. Losing you as a friend, i am now incapable. When i had no one to turn to, you were always there for me for comfort and for help.Whenever it could be.
When everything had failed and i was ready to give in. You were there to make me see to assure me i could win.You made me feel secure. You helped me when i cried. And when i planned on giving up you were there to help me try. 

Because you saw me when i was invisible.You always helped me out when i got in trouble.We been through a lot and i know you don't care. That you've landed me here in a place so unfair. 
Somewhere deep down, i wish you understood. But i know that you wouldn't even if you could .

Because you saw me when i was invisible. That's the quality. That makes you so lovable. You gave me reassurance. My self self esteem somewhat high. You made me feel so good. That all i need to do is try. 
You made me a promise that you'd never leave my side. The worst part is that when you did. You didn't even say goodbye.

All this torture that i hold. All the things that i been through. All the pain that you have caused me. I've still fallen so madly in love with you. 
One day you asked me why i cared. Why i thought you were incredible. It was simply because you saw me 
Those times i was invisible. . 

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"...ada waktu untuk memeluk, ada waktu untuk menahan diri dari memeluk"
--Efesus 3:5b